Welcome to Understanding Business Portfolio Analysis

Welcome to Understanding Business Portfolio Analysis  – a website, primarily designed for strategy and marketing students and professionals,wishing to either use or know more about the General Electric (GE) multi-factor model and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) matrix.

On this website you will find lots of good information regarding these models: how to use them, their strategic implications,  limitations, examples, as well as a free Excel template that will allow you to construct a BCG matrix within minutes.

To start with, particularly for students of strategy and marketing, you should probably look to review:

This website has been prepared by Geoff Fripp an experienced lecturer and textbook author, who has taught marketing and strategy at the University Sydney, and at several other universities, since 2002.

Here is a link to the original paper on the growth-share matrix developed by BCG founder Bruce Henderson.

Please note that this website is NOT affiliated in any manner with General Electric (GE) and/or the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – please follow these links for more information on these firms.